Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Tuesday! :-)

Good Morning Everyone!

Whew...  what a weekend! Shelby's family came in to town on Thursday evening.  We met up with them Friday morning for some Starbucks (My father-in-law is as crazy about Starbucks as I am!!!) and then Shelby went to Georgia for work while we dropped my F-I-L off on base to play golf.  My M-I-L and I went and ran a bunch of errands, then went home to start decorating for Tristan's birthday party!  Friday evening my parents arrived, as well as my sister-in-law and Shelby's best friend from college, BUZZ!

Saturday was the BIG day!  It was the day of Tristan's first birthday party! I apologize, but I do not have his pictures uploaded yet.  When I do, which will probably be tonight, I will have a post dedicated to his whole party.  My friend Lyndsay posted about his party on HER BLOG, so pay her a visit and get a few glimpses of T's party!!! :)

The rest of the weekend we spent with family.  This was the first time both of our families have been together since our WEDDING! ha ha! It was long overdue - we had a wonderful time.  Tristan LOVED all the attention. He just ate it up!  It was also really nice catching up with Buzz.  (Buzz isn't really his name, that's just what everyone calls him..LoL)  We talked about our old college days and had some good laughs.  It was nice! :)  He was so good with Tristan.. little man loves his "Uncle Buzz"  ha ha ;-)

Tonight Shelby and I are going to RELAX!  We're gonna probably eat dinner and watch The Biggest Loser.  Tomorrow we have to start moving again.. some people are coming over on Friday to look at the house.  There are 3 different families that I know of who are interested in the house.  That's such a blessing for our landlords!!  Our "official" pack out date is May 3rd.  I'm so not looking forward to that!  That's when the real stress starts.. ha ha.  I probably won't be relaxed again until we get to Hawaii. ;-)   I did manage to get Satchmo's stuff started for his trip to Hawaii.  He's on his way to WV with my parents (as well as the pugs). 

Ohh! I almost forgot - I purchased a bunch of stuff for Tristan's bathroom yesterday.  It's a monkey theme! Absolutely ADORABLE stuff.. Here is a little taste of what I found.  I can't wait to get to Hawaii and get it all decorated!! 

Have a GREAT day!!!


  1. I saw the pictures on facebook and his party looked GREAT! I'm glad everyone had such a wonderful time. I'm gonna text you later because I forgot the dates that you said you'd be in town and I wanna make sure I'm here so we can get together!

  2. The monkey bathroom decor is super cute!! Can't wait to see photos from the b'day party!

  3. Glad the party went well. You did a great job decorating. Will we be able to see you before you leave?