Monday, April 5, 2010


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter with their family.  This year was Tristan's very first Easter.  We had such a wonderful day with him.  I am so amazed at how fast he's growing and how smart he is.  The Lord has blessed me beyond words - I could never thank Him enough.

Easter morning we got up and went to church, just like every other Sunday.  This Sunday, however, Tristan was sporting a brand new tie.  ;-)  He looked like such a little MAN in his big boy tie! 

We had a wonderful church service, then we went over to a church family's home for Easter lunch and an egg hunt! We had such a great time visiting with our church friends.  I'm going to miss them so much when we move!  Tristan participated in his first Easter egg hunt! He did really well! I was so proud of him. :-)

I can't believe how big my baby is getting! He will be 1 on April 21st - time goes SO FAST!

I will leave you with this sweet picture last - my two boys :-)


  1. I LOVE that last picture! How sweet are those boys!? Happy Easter to you!

  2. Aw, Miranda! He's getting so big! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Easter together!

  3. I agree with Amanda - love the last picture! So cute! Love Tristan's tie!

  4. the last picture is adorable!!! well, they all are! your little tristan is so handsome! isn't it crazy how quickly the 1st year goes by?! your easter sounds like it was beautiful!

  5. I saw on Amanda's blog you will be up next week and have not had Fat Patty's cheese fries? That is a sin. Call me, I will go anytime!