Monday, March 22, 2010


1. I am so relieved to have Tristan's birthday party invites addressed and ready to be mailed out.  That will be done today - ahhh... accomplishment!

2. Shelby's car is completely dead.  We're now forced to make it on 1 car.  This makes me kinda nervous and somewhat depressed.  I'm fully aware that plenty of people survive on just one car, but I've never had to and it makes me feel like we've failed somehow.  Things just keep getting harder and we don't have the money to fix Shelby's car.  I feel like some of my freedom has been taken away from me .. I'm left at work with NO CAR .. I can't run errands on my lunch break or even go home for lunch.  I'm just sad. :-(

3. This weekend I'm gonna do a yard sale with a friend of mine.  Shelby and Tristan were sick all weekend, so NOTHING got accomplished.  This week after work I have to finish going thru our stuff and getting it together so we can take it over there on Friday.  Not quite sure how I'm gonna do that since Shelby will have the car (he has to work valet) ANYWAYS .. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  I just hope it's a positive experience and we make some extra cash.  We could use it.

4. I made an awesome dinner last night! I made a roast (my friend Rachel's recipe - MUST TRY!!) and mashed potatoes and veggies.  AND I made homemade gravy.  IT WAS SO GOOD!

5.  Speaking of food, I'm absolutely STARVING! I guess I'll go eat my bread and peanut butter now..  MAN I WISH I HAD A CAR SO I COULD GRAB SOME LUNCH! ha ha.  ;-)


  1. I completely understand about the 1 car situation. T and I have basically shared a car for the majority of our marriage. Hopefully that will change soon! On the bright side, only one car has to be filled up and only one car on insurance. ;)
    Also, I find that when I am stuck(at school or work) with no car, I usually eat a healthier lunch and cheaper since I brown bagged it.
    Don't be discouraged!

  2. Maybe it'll be good for ya....eating in can save you money! But it does stink. I hate it when one of our cars is broken down!

  3. yeah, bob and i shared a car when we first got to FL and basically this winter we shared too since we only have the motorcycle as our second one. bob got rides a lot from people he goes to school with. it helped!! bummer though.

  4. Maybe with the upcoming move it's a good thing that you'll only have to worry about getting one car over there. i hope your day perks up!