Friday, March 5, 2010

Excel, Ear Drums, & Dreams! (Are you ready for this?!)

Good Morning Everyone!

First off, I wanted to say a great big "HELLO" to my new followers! I am so sorry I didn't get a chance to acknowledge you yesterday; I hope I made up for it today :-)

Yesterday - where do I begin? I attended an Excel refresher course offered at my office yesterday morning. I use Excel EVERY day, but I wanted to attend because a girl can always learn something new, right? I was glad I went - I learned a TON of things I didn't know before! Lots of little things that I tend to enjoy the most. The class was over around noon, and they were going to have a PowerPoint class in the afternoon but I skipped out on that one. I know I know, it would have probably been more fun than Excel, but I had to make an emergency run to Target and pick up some decongestant.. so I wasn't really in a power point kind of mood...

Why did I have to make an emergency trip to Target for some decongestant, you ask? Well, first let me give you some background info. When I was little, like preschool age, I had tons of problems with my ears. I would get sick, pressure would build in my ears (along with fluid) and then my eardrums would rupture. (Yes, it's as painful as it sounds...) It got to the point where fluid would just constantly stay in there and over time my eardrums would rupture almost every day. It wasn't a great experience. I had to have the tubes put in my ears and there were talks about giving me new eardrums (?!?!?!?) if the problem didn't get better after the tubes. Well, I did GREAT with the tubes, the only problem is - I still get ruptured eardrums! ugh! I have to treat it ASAP once the pressure starts to build or I get that problem - that's why I had to make that emergency trip to Target. I was sitting in class totally fine.. and all the sudden I got a little earache. I got "all stopped up" (that's what I call it) where you can't really hear out of one ear and then the throbbing started and I was thinking, "OH NOOOO!!" It all came on so fast! I still have that "all stopped up" feeling, but the pain is GONE. ;-) Crisis diverted!

I know this is totally random, but I had the craziest dreams last night! Should I blame it on the allergy meds?! It seems like all my dreams run together and I don't know how I end up in one place from another, anyone else experience that? In my dream I was in some strange country with a man trying to smuggle a child out - because the country was TERRIBLE and he wanted to take care of the child. (you can't make this stuff up people...) My job was to actually put my hands on the child and take the child to him. How I ended up with that task, I may never know. Before I knew it, we were in America (I'm guessing) in a really nice house. There were stickers all over EVERYTHING with names on them. I figured out that those names were actually spots where fingerprints were ... it was a crime scene! (Now that's right up my alley!) I was hiding for some reason - I'm guessing because there were people still in there walking around?? Once they left, they left out the back door if you were wondering, I ran down stairs to what I thought was the basement. (totally against my character - I HATE basements!) Instead of a basement, there were 4 bedrooms and they were in a complete mess. (my worse nightmare, perhaps?)  I turned around to walk out, but then a man came down and closed the door behind him (I was in one of the rooms) and was putting all these locks on it. Evidently we were hiding from someone else. LoL I turned around, and there were all these people sitting down eating breakfast - they were sitting at wooden picnic tables. THANKFULLY, my alarm went off and I woke up. Whew! It was getting crazier by the moment!

Now that I've completely lost you, how about I end this crazy post with a cute video??  ENJOY! :)


  1. that dog is so funny. i hate weird dreams like that! i hope you feel better really soon. my ear drums ruptured a lot too! it is the most painful thing...ever. sometimes the doc would have to rupture them for the ears to heal. so sorry you've had to deal with this too!!! happy (almost) weekend to you!

  2. I hate when you wake up and realize that you've had crazy dreams. It always freaks me out. I'm glad your ears are feeling better!

  3. I get those "cold medicine" dreams, too! I think with me, it's because I'm in a state of not really asleep and not really awake for most of the night! Look at all your new followers, girl! Internet celebrity over here!