Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Weekend, Work, Dessert, and Being Loved

Hello Blogging Friends!

Happy Thursday - it's almost the weekend! I am so ready for the weekend to get here because I have so many things I feel like I need to get caught up on around the house.  Shelby is working valet Friday and Saturday nights, so that will give me some time to just knock it out. (Hopefully)  I have the day off on Monday, which also happens to be my birthday, so it should be a very nice extended weekend!  Shelby has the once in a lifetime opportunity to play golf @ TPC Sawgrass on Monday as well.  Maybe I can get one of my girlfriends to go to lunch with me or something :)  That evening we're gonna go to eat and probably go see a movie.  It will be a nice date night!

TPC Sawgrass Club House
The Famous 17th Hole @ TPC

Today has been an easy day at work.  We have all procrastinated on our job duties today.. I think it's the end of the week laziness that's affecting us.  ha ha.  Our computers were down earlier today, so that's not really our fault that we were unproductive, right?  ;-)  I have some things to take care of that are not computer related, so I will probably continue to work on that this afternoon.  The way my office is set up is there is a large room with a wall inbetween that separates it into 2 sides.  We have 4 detectives, 2 on each side of the wall.  My office is at the end on this room, so i can see on both sides of the wall. (the best spot in the house!) My Lt is located on the other side of the room, just across from me.. but he can only see one side of the wall.  Anyways, I didn't need to tell you all of that - it has nothing to do with my wonderfully exciting story!  Basically, what I'm trying to spit out, I have to go out there and work on files.. but it's SO COLD out in that part of the office.  In my office, it's warm (because I have a little space heater blowing on me) and I have MY desk and my computer, etc.  It's just comfortable in here!  I wanted to take my heater out there with me, but there isn't a plug in close by - and the guys complain about it being too hot.  Everytime they step on my office I hear, "Oh my.. What the? - It's too hot in here!" Ugh... men.  ;-)
Last night I came home from work and I managed to get home before Shelby and Tristan, so I worked on a little apple crisp and put it in the oven to bake.  OH.MY.WORD.  It was DELICIOUS! And soooooo easy.  It's already GONE!  It didn't last 24 hours! ha!  I will be making another one this weekend, if not before :)  We ate leftover chicken & rice and watched a movie.  (Couple's Retreat)  Tristan was playing and being such a good boy all evening.  About mid way thru the movie, Tristan was over near the back door playing with a HUGE bear that he has sitting in a rocking chair.  The next thing I know, he's crawling over to us as fast as he can, crying.  I pick him up and it appeared that he had spit up a little bit, got choked on it, and it was coming out his nose.  It probably scared him and he couldn't breathe thru his nose.  We suctioned his nose out and patted his back so that everything could be coughed up.  Poor little guy was so upset.  It was actually kinda scary because he seemed like he was having trouble breathing.  We didn't know if he had picked something up and swallowed it or if he was just coughing up mucus that went down the wrong tube.  After his ordeal, which lasted for what seemed like an eternity, he laid his little head on my chest and was OUT.  It absolutely exhausted him!  We put him down in his bed, but he would wake up ever 20 - 30 minutes crying.  We gave him some tylenol, because we were not sure if he was experiencing teething pain (usually when he's going thru teething problems, he throws up..)  We brought him to our room and fed him a bottle.  He laid his little head down on Shelby's pillow and fell asleep.  I think it pulled on his daddy's heart strings, because Tristan ended up sleeping in our bed last night.  (For the first time EVER!)  We cuddled him all night, which he managed to sleep thru perfectly, and he woke up in a great mood. 

After that scary episode was over, we couldn't help but feel a little piece of joy.  Tristan, in a moment of being scared or hurt or whatever it was, ran to his Momma and Daddy.  He didn't just sit there and cry and wait for us to go over to him - he came to us.  It's like when a child falls down and then runs to their parent for comfort.  It made us feel kinda good that he wanted us.  That little boy is everything to us.  Our life is so much better with him in it.  We love him so much, and it makes my heart overflow when I see that he loves us too.  Children are the best gift. :)


  1. Awww... that is terribly sweet! I had some tears in my eyes reading that!

    I hope Shelby has fun playing at that golf course, it looks so challenging!

    And, of course, I hope you'll have a wonderful birthday! But I will probably comment again about that :)

  2. Adorable! That must be the best feeling.

    Right now in our office it's about 3000 degrees but I love it! It feels super cozy, especially with how cold it is out. But everybody else is really cranky because of the heat.

  3. omg that is so sweet about Tristan! aren't they just the BEST! even at 2:00 in the morning when Lucca wont go back to sleep, when he lays his head on my chest and looks up at me it makes me OH I am off on Monday too!!