Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings :)

It's a rainy day in Florida!  It's cold too.  Rainy days overwhelm me with un-motivated feelings.  I am totally worthless on days like this! I'm doing much better now than I was this morning - this morning I didn't even feel like blogging! ;-)

Tonight at the Tucci Household we're going to have Chicken & Rice (Tucci Family Recipe) and relax :) Mr Tucci is actually on his way home now with little Tucci - I wish I could go home too!  Yesterday evening we played lots of games with Tristan.  He was awake the whole evening, and we acutally had to put him to bed because WE wanted to go to bed! We were exhausted! ha!  He is eating so much more these days.  Almost 3 jars of food per feeding.  He still drinks formula, but mostly only before bed.  I had to buy him bigger spoons because he wants to take biiiiiiig bites! ha!  He opens his mouth so wide that his little nose scrunches up :)  We are working on the sippy cup, but unfortunately he'd rather play with it than drink out of it. 

One of the detectives in my unit's wife is an amazing party planner.  I was able to pick her brain today about T's 1st birthday party.  She gave me some great ideas and some websites.  I can say I've at least got an "idea" of what I want.  I still have a lot of research and planning to do, but I'm getting there.  My sister-in-law already booked her flight to come to his party and my in-laws are about to book theirs as well.  I'm glad they're going to come!  I think I might (I say MIGHT) make his invites myself.  With a western / cowboy theme a lot of places suggest a "WANTED" type poster - which is something I could basically make myself.  I'm kinda torn because I LOVE all the cute designs out there for b-day parties.. but if I can save some $$ on that maybe I can use that towards something else! My friend Lyndsay said she's help me with planning - I appreciate her SO MUCH!  I am so happy to have someone to bounce ideas off of.. and of course, someone who's already BEEN there.  She's an expert! 

So, speaking of picking someone's brain - can I pick yours?  I'm having a hard time trying to come up with ideas for Valentines Day (for my husband)  He LOOOOOOOOVES golf, but I don't want to get him a box of golf balls.. that's not very V-Dayish. We don't have a ton of money to spend AND he has access to our checking account and can see everything (or every place) I spend money.. so he might figure it out before he gets it.  See my concern?!  ha ha.  What are YOU getting for your man for Valentines Day?  I need some inspiration!


  1. I went to a place called The Wow Factory: http://wowfactoryonline.com/ and painted Phil a mug and it was only $15. There may be places like that near you that you could go to, but they fire it there for you and it took 1 week to get back. They also have things like mosaic making. It can be a very personalized gift but also fun and relaxing for the one making it!

  2. Kelsey is getting my UNDYING LOVE AND DEVOTION for vday! We dont' really celebrate Valentine's Day anymore. we might get each other cards and have a nice dinner -- but that's it! Maybe do something like, get him some "coupons" for stuff like, his fav dinner, or a backrub, that kind of thing!

    Tristan sounds like he's growing up SO FAST!! That's just precious!

    Also, the cold weather is making me crazy! Doesn't it feel a little like WV?

  3. Since he has access to the same bank accounts, go to the atm and pull cash out to pay for whatever you want to get him. That way he'll just see the atm withdraw and not what you purchase.