Friday, January 22, 2010

Yay for FRIDAY!!!!

Yay for FRIDAY! I’m hoping for an easy day at work today. Friday’s usually aren’t bad, so I think I’ll be OK. ;-)  Tonight Shelby has Frisbee. Tristan and I might go along this time. It’s been so cold the past few months, so we’ve stayed home. If the weather is nice we might tag along!

We had a very relaxing evening yesterday! When I got home from work Tristan was sleeping. We had leftovers for dinner and then we watched some TV. Tristan slept until about 6pm. We got him up and fed him, and then he wanted to PLAY. He walked for a bit and played with Chuck the Dump Truck (one of his favorite toys) and then it was bath time! This child LOVES the bath. He was standing at the tub bouncing while I was filling it up with water. Ha ha. It was cute! He played in the tub for a while and then he started rubbing his eyes like he was tired. I was thinking, “ALREADY?!?!” We went ahead and scrubbed him up, rinsed him off, then lotion him up. We gave him a bottle then he was ready for bed! He was really tired yesterday.. This was kinda sad because I didn’t get to see him much. LoL.

I know how he felt though, I was exhausted! I went to bed and read my book for a while, then came out and talked to Shelby for a while. He was tired too so we went to bed around 9:30. Ha ha. I did feel better when I woke up this morning!
Tomorrow Tristan and I are going to lunch with a fellow Navy wife. I’m excited to get out with another GIRL! Ha ha! I love my two boys more than anything, but it is nice to have girl talk sometimes. I hope we have a good time! We’re gonna go to PF Chang’s and eat off their lunch menu. YUMMY!

Not much is really going on today. I went and got some Starbucks this morning so I’m set! Starbucks usually makes me happy.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Friday!

I will leave you with a picture of my little 9 month old boy and his friend Rachel. She is the daughter of our babysitter, Miss Angela! Tristan LOVES Miss Angela and little Rachel! :)


  1. So cute! In this picture and the recent ones on facebook he looks like he's getting a little chubby (in a good way, not bad - I LOVE chubby babies)! It's so cute! I bet you could just eat it up! :)

  2. I KNOW! He's getting SO chunky, but it's really cute :) WE call him our "Chunky Monkey" all the time.. sometimes we just call him "Monkey"! He's going to grow up thinking his name is MONKEY! HA HA!