Thursday, December 24, 2009

Random Thoughts

So I'm laying in bed, listening to my husband play his new video game, and I'm doing the usual mental check list before I go to bed routine. Tonight I have random thoughts running thru my head. I've already made my to do list for tomorrow so I should be sleeping, but I can't!

I've had a feeling of excitement for most Of the day today. I'm trying to put my finger on WHAT I'm excited about - and I dunno! Ha ha. I'm wondering if I'm excited for the new Year? I feel like I have so many things I want to accomplish within this next year and now that I really stop and think about it, I think I have found the source of my excitement! I can't wait to start my 101 goals. I really hope I stay motivated throughout the year. That itself should be a goal! I kinda wish I had a buddy doing this with me, but that's ok. :-) Next week I need to sit down and organize my goals and finish some planning. I need to make sure the resources are available to complete the goals I've come up with.

Well it's almost midnight and I really need to get some sleep.
I will leave you with some random thoughts, and hopefully I will stop thinking about them now that I've jotted them down!

1. I didn't know you could blog from your iPhone. Does that make me obsessed?
2. I wonder how long my husband is going to play that game ... It's kinda loud - I might have dreams about being in a war zone tonight
3. Why do people wear beach clothes in the freezing cold? It's not stylsh below 80 degrees - it's stupid
4. I need to remember to alternate wrapping paper so that the presents look cute under the tree
5. I wonder how many people are still reading this post? I know it's extremely boring


  1. I"m reading! :) I would have loved to do this goals thing but I'm terrible with keeping up with goals. I will be your cheerleader, however! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Oh no! Please tell me you didn't give into buying him call of duty! What is it with guys in the military wanting to play that game?!? You would think that's the LAST game they'd ever want to play. Anyways I digress....I'm doing the 101 goals! I'm gonna post mine on nye. And yes...I read your blog still!