Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 New Words ...

So I’ve been searching through websites looking for new words to learn. One of my goals is to learn 10 new words per month for 1 year. I FINALLY tapped into my common sense and looked through GRE vocabulary lists. I found an “ADVANCED” list and decided to pick my words from that. Some of these words we all know, and some of them we don’t. I wanted to try and use words that I might actually use in a conversation. And, if I don’t use them in conversation, at least I feel smarter for knowing them. Ha ha.
1. Abate

2. Stipulate

3. Repine

4. Volubility

5. Extirpation

6. Recumbent

7. Culpability

8. Minatory

9. Quintessential

10. Interregnum

As you’re reading this list I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “I can’t believe she doesn’t know that word”. Well, have no fear – I DO know some of these words BUT I want to be more familiar with it and possibly use it in a conversation. Feel free to learn these words as well!!

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