Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yay For Days Off!

Did ya'll have a good Veteran's Day?  Shelby was out of town for work, so I spent my day off taking care of some things around the house and spending time with my favorite little man!

I got to sleep in until about 8:00 and then Tristan and I got ourselves ready to go for a play date and a friends house.  We also went out to lunch and Tristan sat in a high chair (At a restaurant) for the FIRST time ever!  Such a big moment ;) 

I ran by Publix to get some things I wanted to get before the deal went off, and then we went home where Tristan took a nap and I took care of some things around the house.  I was able to get quite a few things accomplished and it makes me feel SO GOOD to have a productive day!

Yesterday was our anniversary - so we ate homemade meatloaf and watched TV.  It was a very low key - uneventful - evening .. but I enjoyed it!  I'm hoping to finish up on some things today.  The pugs had muddy feet from being outside in the rain, and now my hardwood floors have little puglet prints on them! I REALLY wanna get that cleaned off, especially since Tristan is crawling now!

Moving on to TODAY ..

I've spent a lot of my morning looking up information on military moves and housing, etc.  I'm having a hard time finding job listings for my field.  Does anyone know is the police station on base hires civilians?  I'd really like to find something in the CJ field, and not just do some random job.. but I'm having a hard time finding something. :(    I'm SLOWLY finding information on things we need to know about moving.  It's actually not that easy to find!  Not as easy as I was expecting, I guess.  I REALLY hope we get our orders soon so I can share with you where we're going!!

Don't forget that my 100th post is coming up soon!!

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