Friday, November 13, 2009

My 100th Post!!!!

Traditional 100th Post Question / Answer Session!!

1. Where is the Navy possibly sending us? Ugh – I don’t know if I should answer or not! We are waiting to get our orders IN HAND before we say for sure, because anything can happen. BUT – I do promise to make a HUGE post about it as soon as we find out! When / IF we move, I plan on re-vamping my blog a little bit. I’ve kinda decided to change to “Home is Where the Navy Sends Us” since we are going to me moving around a lot, because home is wherever WE are.. but anyways – I’m sorry! Is it stupid for me to keep it a secret?! Angie – I tell you what. E-mail me, and I will tell you. OK??

2. Where I make the header to my blog? AMAZING and so much FUN to create!

3. What is the one thing I really miss about WV besides my friends and family? I’d have to say FALL!! I absolutely LOVE the fall season. The leaves changing and falling to the ground, the crunching of the leaves under my feet, the fall smells, the cool air, the Pumpkin House in Kenova, Football Games, the kids Trick or Treating, Thanksgiving with my Family, Traditions – I just love FALL. Fall is WV is beautiful, and for those of you who live there and just like, “Yeah .. whatever” you have NO idea what you have. Try living somewhere HOT and not getting to experience those beautiful changing seasons! When it’s 80 degrees on Christmas day, it doesn’t feel very Christmas-y. That would have to be one of the main things I miss about WV, besides friends and family.

4. If I could live anywhere in the world and do anything I wanted to do, where would I live and what would I do? That’s kinda hard!! Let’s see .. if I could live absolutely anywhere, I’d love to live in Washington DC. The White House sure would be NICE. I LOVE history, and I love looking at things that are REAL from history. I’d really like to have a back stage, behind the scenes, nothing held back tour of DC and all the museums and the White House. I want to see EVERYTHING and I want to know EVERTHING. I want to be able to see things that are hidden from the public, I wanna know all the secrets!! If there was a “President’s Book” like in the National Treasure movie, I’d totally like to read it! If I could DO anything in the world, I’d like to be a Forensic Crime Scene Investigator or a Medical Examiner .. or something to that extent. I’ve always loved Forensics – I wanted to get my degree in FS, but didn’t have the time to put into it. Now I’m kicking myself for it! I’d like to be able to go back and get my masters in Forensic Science, but I don’t know when I’m going to be able to do that. Crime scenes have always fascinated me. I want to be able to see every detail of the crime and be the genius to figure out what happened!

5. What has been the most surprising thing about motherhood? My honest answer would have to be how incredibly EASY it has been. No kidding. I had pictured motherhood as a very draining, stressful, busy experience – and it has been nothing like that at all. I’ve even mentioned to my husband and family how EASY it is being a Momma. Taking care of Tristan isn’t hard – it’s just like taking care of yourself, you just do it. There were nights when I was up and tired and stressed out if he cried in public, but looking back on it I can’t really remember anything that’s been hard. I don’t know if I can speak for all the mom’s out there – but to me, motherhood has been one of the easiest jobs I’ve been blessed to have. And without a doubt the MOST rewarding!

6. What was the most difficult part of bringing a baby home / the first couple weeks. Well, like I mentioned above nothing was really “HARD” but probably the most difficult thing (of that whole time frame - of the first couple weeks) would have to be getting into a routine. It was learning when Tristan would usually be hungry, sleepy, cry and things like that. After the first few days I started to see some patterns and it got easier from there. Getting to know him and him getting to know me. Also, learning what to do! LOL! I felt like I was totally clueless on how to take care of a baby – I felt so stupid! I thought he was going to break! At first it doesn’t really seem real. It actually takes some people a few days to warm up to their children. It’s hard to explain and may seem totally bizarre, but it’s true! Just imagine someone handing you a baby and saying, “OK – this one’s yours!” You have to get to know their personality and their quirks and before you know it you’re totally in love with this little person. When Tristan was born I LOVED him with my whole heart, but in the few short months that he’s been alive my heart has grown much larger than it was before, and along with that my love for him has grown. I would do anything for him .. without a doubt. I would give him my right arm if he needed it.. that’s just what Momma’s do. I see that I’ve ventured off track – so I apologize!

7. What is my favorite meal to cook? Curry Rice! It’s a Japanese meal, very simple and very good. Shelby doesn’t like it so I usually save up and fix it when he’s out of town. Mmmm – I’d like to have some now that I’m thinking about it! ha ha!

8. Besides the perfect weather, what is my favorite thing about Florida? Beaches are ALL around!! Living in WV you take a whole day of your vacation to DRIVE to the beach, but now we can get up in the morning and head to the beach and come home and have dinner at OUR house! It’s GREAT!!!


  1. Great post! I love that curry too. Kelsey doesn't love asian food like I do, so I either have to make it by myself or beg him to eat with me. You and Kelsey are like 2 peas in a pod because he LOVES history and LOVES DC! He is the same way you are, just fascinated with it all! He actually has an MA in history! I'm sure he'd be joining you on all those behind the scenes tours!

  2. Congrats on 100! I like Scrapblog too! How do you get it to be the correct size for the title of your blog?