Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like .... Christmas??

I have seen that some of my friends have already decorated for Christmas. Some even BEFORE Halloween! I don't ever remember people decorating this early before! Is this normal? Am I just out of the Christmas loop?!

This year I am planning on decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving week - simply because we will be out of town during Thanksgiving and I will have a decorated house when I get back!  I have to admit I'm extremely excited but I'm trying to contain myself for a few more days.  I'm trying to decide when it's OK to start listening to Christmas music!! ha!

Have you already started decorating? What's your game plan for this year?


  1. I had a 2 ft tree up in September. I'm waiting patiently till the weekend after Thanksgiving to put up all the other decorations....

  2. I love Christmas decorating too! I'm starting to get in the mood for Christmas music. It's hard to get this way in Florida cause it has been so hot, but seeing the stuff out helps. My plan this year is to really go all out in our new house :) i have a little tree for the porch and then our big tree inside, plus I'll probably decorate the door and the entry way, and get some Christmas flowers for the table!