Thursday, November 5, 2009


Soooooo - I have some exciting news! We are pretty sure we know where we're going to be stationed NEXT! It's still in the beginning stages, so I don't want to share too much, but I a really excited!

I will give you a few hints: (vague ones, but hey - they're hints!)

  1. It was on our list of choices
  2. It's in a different time zone (from Florida)
  3. It's almost 6,000 miles away
Shelby and I are excited but scared to death at the same time.  Jacksonville has become our HOME so it's kinda scary leaving.  Plus, we're leaving a LOT sooner than we thought we were.  We're talking a whole year sooner!

Once we learn for sure we're going - I will break the news.  I'm thinking about changing the theme to my blog as well, so I will need some help!



  1. How exciting! I'm guessing it's Italy! (Mainly because I'm a hopeless romantic and dream of moving to Italy)

  2. My guess is Italy..that's about 6000 mi. And if so that. is. AWESOME!!!! I have always wanted to go to Italy!!! But can't wait to hear, any of those places would be awesome!

  3. New to your blog, but I love it! My guess is San Diego! Hehehe but that's just because that's my home town and it is such an amazing city! But it's not 6000 miles away, so I know that's not it! :)

  4. my guess is also italy.....japan is further and hawaii is closer. :) yay!

  5. Miranda!!!! I can't wait to hear about it! You'll have to let me know!!!! I'm guessing you won't be in SD.

  6. thats awesome. so excited for you guys! and SOOO jealous!