Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Round-up!

We had a really nice and LAZY weekend!  Friday we hung out around the house and watched a movie.  Tristan is so much fun to "hang out" with.  He's very interactive and he is constantly TALKING! In his own language, of course.  It's so funny though.  He changes his facial expressions and everything - HILARIOUS!

Saturday we slept in a little bit.  Shelby played baby sitter while I cleaned the house.  We both ended up getting on our hands and knees and washing our wood floors while Tristan was taking a nap.  They looked GREAT! We really should do it every weekend! The weather was cool so we opened up all our windows and enjoyed the nice fall day.  Saturday evening we ran out to get some baby food, and we got to bundle Tristan up in his little jeans and football sweatshirt that I bought for him LAST fall.  He was adorable! His jeans look like big boy jeans - He's SO handsome!

Sunday morning we went to church, then we came home and had lunch and watched some football.  Shelby mowed the grass and I worked on my coupons.  Tristan took a nap so I was able to lay down too and get about 30 minutes of sleep in.  After Shelby finished with the yard I ran to the store and got some things to make potato soup.  I made a double batch since it's going to be cool this week and we need something that will last a few days (leftovers).  It honestly wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be - I was in a terrible hurry trying to get it finished before church - and it takes so long because I make it from scratch.  It was edible though. ;-)  We ended up leaving for church and eating it when we got home. 

The weather has been GREAT the past few days!!  I'll have to admit - 60 degrees feels a LOT colder than it used to .. but I sure do love fall! I'm hoping to dress Tristan up and take him to another pumpkin patch for some pictures.  He has a little halloween shirt that I bought him last year and a pumpkin bib I want him to wear.  With his cute little jeans! 

This weekend is our Fall Festival at church.  I've never been to a fall festival before!  I really want to figure out what to dress Tristan as for halloween.  I know he's small but I hate to NOT do something on his very first halloween.  I'm thinking maybe he'll be a cute little pumpkin??  We'll see!!


Good News!  Earlier I was worried about having our dogs taken care of and boarded while we go to the UCF /MARSHALL game in Orlando - well, we got that taken care of! We were able to come up with the money to have them updated on their shots AND boarded!  God is SO GOOD!  My in-laws were wanting to put us up while we're in Orlando, so they paid for us to stay at the Regal Sun Resort RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Down Town Disney!  I'm sooo excited! This will be like a mini-vaca!  We haven't had a vacation since we've lived in Florida and 1 weekend "fun" trip since we've been married! (3 years) It's about time huh?!  Shelby is supposed to be able to get into Disney for Free (I believe) so we're gonna see how much it would be to get ME in and we might go to Disney too!  I haven't been to Disney World since I was in 4th grade .. I'm like a little kid and I'm so excited!! :-)

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