Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take Your Son To Work Day

All worn out from playing with my toys!

Well - I had to bring Tristan to work with me this morning.  My poor babysitter - her daughter is terribly sick.  I left work at 1pm yesterday to go get him so that she could take her to the Dr and this morning she called right before I got to work asking me to come get him - because she had to take her daughter to the ER! 

I ended up getting to work around 9AM because I had to run and get Tristan, and then go home and grab a bunch of toys and some blankets, etc.  He played for a while and now he's asleep.  My sweet little man :-)  I worry about having him at work because I don't want to get in trouble if he's crying, etc. So far so good!  I don't know when Shelby is going to be able to come and get him - so today could be a very stressful day!

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