Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Financial Quest

So you know that free trial I was telling you about? The one I signed up for through the Total Money Makeover Website? Well, guess what – I forgot to cancel after my free trial was up. Sooo, now I’m a member of the website for a whole year. I received a book and money organizer in the mail yesterday. At first I was so angry with myself for forgetting about it and then being charged for it (when we really didn’t want to spend the money right now), but now I’m trying to look at it as a blessing in disguise. I wanted to do this money makeover, right? So why not have all the tools available to help me with this quest.

I’ve been going over our budget (and over it, and over it, and over it) and I keep making a few little changes here and there. Mainly because I remember things that I forgot to account for. I’m already finding out how cool it is to SEE how much money we really have and where it’s all going. It makes me feel like I’m not as broke as I thought I was. Don’t get me wrong – we are definitely poorer than we’d like to be – but there is no reason why we need to live paycheck to paycheck like we’ve been doing for almost 3 years now.

November 1st is the day we (mainly I) have chosen to turn our lives around financially. I really need to get with Shelby and make sure he’s fully on board with this. We’ve tried different things soooo many times in the past, but we’ve never been on the same page. No wonder it’s never worked! It’s hard for him to stay disciplined – I’m really starting to see that now. I’m honestly kind of nervous about everything – I know for myself I can do this and I can stay disciplined. But, I worry that I’m going to give into things because Shelby usually has a way of making me feel guilty – and it’s not because he means to, he just does. It’s time for me to put my foot down and be serious about it. I just hope that he’s willing to step up to the plate as well, because it’s gonna be really hard trying to do this all by myself.

We have a lot of sacrifices to make – financially. We have to tell our money where to go, not the other way around. We have to realize that right now things aren’t going to be as much “FUN” since we can’t spend money like we’d like to.. but as David Ramsey says “If you will live like no one else, later you can LIVE like no one else”.


  1. I'd love to know how it works for you and keep up with your progress. I like some of Dave Ramsey's ideas though I can't say I agree with all of them. ;)
    Neither my husband or I have a "regular" income as full-time students. We make at/around/less than $800 a month, rent being $667. Don't ask me how we pay for everything else(by God's grace alone, for sure).
    Hopefully once he leaves for basic in January things will start to even out where we can actually make a budget.
    P.S. *didn't realize I was writing a novel of a comment. Oops.*

  2. I agree, keep us posted on how this works! And good luck!

  3. When you put your foot down with Shelby, realize that there might be some fights, really awful ones and if he's like Kelsey he will make you feel bad like you're the meanie who wont' let him spend money. DONT' LET IT GET TO YOU. It's taken 2 years and now Kelsey is finally starting to realize it. We've tried lots of things and sometimes he still slips up. I'm interested in hearing how things go. You're not alone on this journey!