Monday, August 10, 2009

Personal Diet Assistant

I love coming home in the evenings and spending time with my boys. :) This evening we had Fajitas for dinner and watched "The Soloist". Afterwards Tristan talked to his Grammy on iChat - he LOVED it! It's good for him to see his Grammy and Pap :)

We were supposed to start working out today after work and I totally blew it. I just didn't feel like it - and I knew I'd be worthless throughout the WHOLE thing. I am my own worst enemy.. I'm terrible! I'm just trying not to beat myself up about it now. There isn't anything I can do about it, just try to do better tomorrow I guess. Shelby really wants me to lose weight I think. I want to lose it too, I just don't have the motivation or the will power to MAKE myself do it! It sucks! I need someone to tell me what to eat and tell me what exercises to do. I need a personal diet assistant - anyone interested!?! I'm taking applications!!

I'm going to start reading Julie & Julia tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow how I like it so far. Tonight is MY night to get up with Tristan so I don't want to stay up too late... Maybe if I'm "motivated" I can get up and workout in the morning?? Let's HOPE SO!!

Have a great nite everyone!!

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